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The UN Human Rights Committee: “The law criminalizing abortion is degrading and inhuman”


The Irish parliament passed the law, which severely restricts the rights associated with abortion, initiated by the UN Human Rights Committee’s concern. The committee urged the government to reform legislation in Ireland. British The Guardian writes about the subject.


Amanda Meletn is the first of three women who have turned to the United Nations, asking them to officially condemn law banning abnormal fetal case abortions. She described such a law as cruel and inhuman. She has dared to announce that she has reached to England to do an abortion because the fetus was born dead. She points out that despite recent legislative changes; the majority of Irish women had to get to England for crisis pregnancy interruption. The law adopted two years ago, permits abortion only in cases where the mother’s life is in danger or there is a real danger of suicide.


The UN Human Rights Committee has expressed concern that such a law violates human rights, inhuman, degrading the dignity of women.


«The guardian» writes that the Commission has called on Ireland to set available abortion procedures to prevent similar violations in the future. Court of Human Rights for the first time in history qualified criminalization of abortion as violation of women’s rights.


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