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UN alarms: 95% of female migrants work in slavery

According to UN figures, now there are 250 million migrants in the world. Half of them are women who usually travel abroad to find work and prosperity for their children. They are facing many problems and threats, including trafficking of human beings and labor exploitation. These days, within the framework of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, they discussed how to protect women and migrants from discrimination and violence.


The UN Secretary-General, International Migration Assistant Louise Arbor noted that migrant women send hundreds of dollars annually to their families and relatives. These funds are used to feed and educate children, to get medical care, and as a result improve the conditions of their relatives in the motherland. They normally go to work without families and alienate alone. They are less able to earn, than men.


According to the Secretary-General’s Assistant, 95 percent of female migrants are abroad as homeless workers, many work illegally and are found in real slavery. There are a few cases when they take documents and pay bills. Often they are exposed to sexual exploitation. Appearing in a foreign country without a document and without a language, they are actually deprived of legal assistance. The participants of the discussion urged to strengthen efforts to protect women migrants.


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