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Mane Tandilian has resigned from her post … why?

It became clear today that RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane Tandilian resigned. In her Facebook page, she explained the decision as follows:


“Dear Compatriots,


Yesterday’s session focused on the issue of the full introduction of the mandatory funded pension system. You are aware of my position that I have stated years ago about the mandatory component of the system. Appointed to the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, I expressed my stance to postpone the full implementation of the mandatory component for one year and to change the system through public discussions, giving different attractive solutions to the beneficiaries, with the principle of free will. This path also had certain difficulties, but I expressed my readiness to initiate the work, to carry out large-scale work with the public and to find the best solution for the public. After many discussions, it became clear that my government did not support my proposal. Instead, another variant was proposed, which was presented and approved at the government session.


This question is of paramount importance to me. The compulsory component did not have public support and its causes were numerous and multilayered. It has both social, legal, political and system issues, and without discussing with the public, discovering problems, and finding common and acceptable solutions, I do not see the path to the full implementation of the mandatory component. I was hopeful that the new government will go a long way in solving this problem. Imperative methods of solving problems by previous authorities are not acceptable for me.


Dear Compatriots, I have been against the mandatory accumulative system, I have organized demonstrations with my associates, and now I also believe that the cumulative system should have the principle of free choice, taking into account the risk and longevity of the system.


With this entry, I cease to have the authority of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, which was exclusively instrumental in serving the RA citizens. I wish the current government success and perspectives for the sake of democratic Armenia. Taking into account the fact that I have become a member of the government as a member of the “Lusavor Hayastan” party, I also stop membership in the party, to support my friends in building  bright Armenia.


From now on, as a citizen, I will continue to follow closely all the political developments, not sparing efforts for the establishment of the Armenian statehood. Be happy and peace on our borders …


Sincerely, Mane Tandilian


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