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Mane Tandilian’s new initiatives on benefits and pensions

As a continual step towards state support, I have put into circulation a draft law on State Benefits. Mane Tandilian, Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, wrote this on her Facebook page.


Acting Minister informed about another initiative on her page. It is about government officials’ pensions that will now be directly linked to pensions of other citizens.


“Polarization of pensions continues to be one of the problems of the system and the polarization mitigation is the overcoming of disparity of pensions. Though the average state pension is about 42,000 AMD, there are government officials who receive even more than 1,000,000 AMD. I have put in circulation a draft law “On Ensuring the Functioning of Officials, Servicing and Social Guarantees”, according to which it is proposed to introduce a new tool in the state pension system, the maximum pension that cannot exceed ten times the minimum pension. As a result, state officials ‘pension will be directly linked to citizens’ pensions and government officials responsible for the socio-economic situation in the country will be able to raise their pensions simultaneously with increasing their pensions, “Tandilian said in her Facebook page.


By the way, the “Lusavor-Hayastan” party informed that in the upcoming National Assembly special elections the Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Vice President of the Party Mane Tandilyan will be nominated in the second place in the proportional list of the party.


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