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Mane Tandilian: “One-time childbirth benefit will be tripled to 150,000 AMD”

RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane Tandilyan stated at the 100-day final press conference that starting from October 1, 2018; childbirth allowance will be tripled, setting 150,000 AMD instead of 50,000 AMD.


According to her, the proposal is in the government and it was envisaged to enter into force on July 1st, but there are procedures to be timely implemented. “There were so many revelations for me, but we are planning to put into effect on October 1st, but we will also have retrospective issue,” Tandilian said, adding that at this stage, at least there is no financial means, it is not about big sums , and they have different means of the ministry to solve the issue.


Attaching importance to this project, the Minister noted that many people may think that this step does not stimulate birth, but she thinks it is a message that the second child is of strategic importance to our state. According to her, as the country has a demographic problem, attention should be paid not only to having 3-4 children, but also to the importance of the second child. “When our attention is paid to only 3-4 children, the value of the 1st and 2nd children is reduced.


Summing up 100 days of office, Mane Tandilian underlined that the spheres of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs include half of the population of the country, 1.100 thousand people, and there is no single resolution for the solution of everyone’s problems, as each has a separate need. According to her, the problems of each person should be individually oriented, which, in essence, will lead to quality solutions. “A citizen of our country should feel that he is protected by the state, and the state fulfills its role. Our main goal is the human being and his well-being, “said Tandilyan.


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