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Mane Tandilyan. “I disagree with stereotypes …”

We talked about motivation to run for the upcoming parliamentary elections the importance of women’s role in solution of Armenia’s urgent issues and policy  with Mane Tandilyan/ a candidate of “Way out”/YELQ ” alliance, who “occupies the 4th position in the national list, Mane is an accountant by profession, is a party board member of “Bright Armenia” party, became known as an active participant of “Mind” initiative.


– How did transition from NGO activity to  politics take place? Your motivation for getting involved in politics.


A sense of responsibility  brought me to politics. responsible attitude to the fate and future of their country. What I see in today’s political arena does not satisfy me. I was not satisfied with the image of the National Assembly, these people do not represent me and others like me, and are not engaged in the development of our state. This was not an easy decision for me, and it was necessary to make some sacrifice. But what is placed on the scale, the most important priority for me. I will try to influence the quality of your and my life, of lives of citizens of the Republic of Armenia, as the politics is an art of making human life happy. Only a state the citizens of which are prosperous, self-sufficient and happy can develop.


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