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The issue of kindergartens: Reality and pre-election promises

Nearly 8,000 children in the capital are waiting for their turn to go to kindergarten while there are buildings of kindergartens that are rented to very casual organizations that have nothing to do with education.


Around 30,953 children are enrolled in 166 kindergartens under the mayor’s office. And this figure is considered the best because almost 1 / 3rd share of kindergartens is in the capital. Overall, enrollment of children in preschool institutions in urban areas is 35.7% and 16.6% – in rural areas.


The Labor Code sets paid leave for child care to parent up to two years, 18 monthly. From the third year state does not pay to the parent for child care. Free kindergartens in Yerevan accept children beginning from the third year of their lives.  Several thousand children are not able to be accepted even after turning three.


“The child was one and a half year old, that we lined up to one of the Malatia-Sebastia kindergartens. For one year they kept silence. I went to kindergarten, asked how long should we wait? I should set deadline with the employer for an agreement to return to work. They said they cannot accept, he is still small, there is a great queue of older children », – K. Hakobyan told WomenNet.am.


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