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Young activists are calling to dismantle the kiosks in Mashtots Park

“We Are This City’s Owners” Civic Initiative  are calling to dismantle the kiosks in Mashtots Park.


Photoreportage by Arman Karapetyan 


P.S. By while the Armenian cabinet approved the Draft Law on Alienating Public Property, thus delaying the plan to dismantle the kiosks in Yerevan’s Mashtots Park. Under the draft, the constructions will not be taken down until the Old Erivan project is launched.


Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan told the cabinet members that they received a letter from the environmentalists and are trying their best to understand them. Sargsyan said they are always on good terms with opponents, and promised that the temporary construction of the kiosks would be in the interests of all parties.


While the cabinet was discussing the draft law, the activists who had gathered outside the government building, were calling for measures to dismantle the kiosks.

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