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Mariam Shahinian. “A woman sees more and has deeper thinking” 

Mariam Shahinian well known to the public as a cultural worker decided to try her forces in politics. She says that many people were surprised., when they found out that she was nominated as a parliamentary candidate.  Mariam Shahinian is nominated at 4th place in the national list of the Communist Party of Armenia, as well as by the rating list  runs in  the Shirak region. She has been in the ranks of the Communist Party since 1981.


Mariam Shahinian, the author and organizer of the  International Music Festival “National Gallery”, as well as the founder of the festival “Return” Classical Music. “There is an ideology of these events –  connecting Armenian musicians living in different corners of the world with their homeland,” she says. Festival “Young Talents Armenia” is another stage for representing gifted musicians organized by her in which contestants have performed in London for 5 years.


In an interview with us she noted that she is nominated for  elections for the first time but believes that the experience and knowledge obtained in the course of her activities, can contribute to people when she will be a member of the parliament.


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