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Maro Matosyan: We help a woman to become stronger, to have progress


It is already 5 years since “Women’s support center” NGO has been supporting women victims of domestic violence. The center is a unique organization that provides shelter for women seeking protection. This year alone, around 40 women and children have had access to shelter; and more than 100 women beneficiaries have been supported. Womennet.am had an interview with the founder of Women’s support center Maro Matosyan.


Although we have met on the occasion of the fifth-year anniversary, we talk not only about the organization led by her, but also about the problem of domestic violence and the law on preventing domestic violence which has not been adopted yet.


Maro Matosyan notes that unfortunately there is increase in cases of cruelty, there are no deterrent mechanisms and perpetrators are not punished.


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