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The defendants and their relatives threaten lawyer and victims

“Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women” issued a statement, on the threats addressed to Inessa Petrosyan  – attorney of victims of the murder case of the linguist Parandzem Meytikhanyan’s husband.  “Against Women Coalition of Violence” strongly condemns pressure on the three women the victim Emma’ Abrahamyan, murdered Eghishe Khachatryan’s wife Parandzem Meytikhanyan and especially Inessa Petrosyan – their attorney of –  highlighting that in  this situation all law measures implementation by the state is crucial for the realization of the right to a fair trial.


The statement reads:


Recently attorney Inessa Petrosyan received threats against herself and her family by Facebook user. Inessa’s threats are related to her professional activities. Known advocate is a representative of linguist Parandzem Meytikhanyan’s husband Yeghishe Khachatryan’s murder victims and is regularly exposed to psychological attacks by the accused involved persons.


Thus, the three women appeared on the target of the accused of a crime and supporting them, encouraging relatives. Relatives of the defendants, displaying similar behavior, want to intimidate, to silence the defensive side, thus hindering the course of justice, at the same time deepening the climate of impunity in the country, especially in terms of violence against women.


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