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“We also exist, although we have been neglected for 30 years”

Refugees deported from Azerbaijan today protested against the UN Armenia office. Aravot refers to details of the action.


According to them, having been ignored by the former government for 30 years, they have come to the UN to raise their problems through the new government. They say they do not know whether they are refugees or citizens of Armenia, in both cases they are ignored. It has been several decades that these people who emigrated from Sumgait, Baku, Kirovabad and other settlements of Azerbaijan live in 16-20 squares. They eat at the same place, sleep in the same place, and the bathroom and toilet also serve as kitchen.


“We cannot stand it anymore, it’s impossible to live in those conditions, our families have grown up, we have boys and grandchildren, living in such inhuman conditions is beyond our power,” said refugees in their talk with www.aravot.am.


Watch also Hetq’s appeal for a protest action.


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