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“We are a little ashamed of not being able to involve more women in the government …”

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, presented this to the government’s program today, on June 7th, in response to the ARF faction member Armenuhi Kyureghyan’s observation that the  message of the Prime Minister  on wider women’s involvement in government is not reflected in the government program.


Particularly, Secretary of ARF faction Armenuhi Kyureghyan mentioned that all the messages voiced in Pashinyan’s speeches were included in the government’s program, besides one message, to provide favorable conditions for women to have more coverage in the public administration, political and public life.


In addition, Kyureghyan mentioned that it is not about Pashinyan and today’s government emphasizing the role of women or not, but rather that we have the law to enact that women’s involvement in decision-making is no longer a necessity.


Pashinyan responded by saying that, of course, it is very important because the crucial importance of the recent political process in Armenia was that we saw a huge involvement of women there.


It should be noted that the problem is not only the issue of women’s political involvement and their representation at decision-making level. It is about a state policy aimed at ensuring equal rights and opportunities for men and women in any sphere, the reflection of which in the government’s plan would mean that Armenia guarantees the implementation of this policy, which is part of its international commitments.


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