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Meri Nersisyan. “It seems they do not believe we can be happy that we are having a girl again”


Very soon a known broadcaster of “Mothers’ Club” Mary Nersisyan will become a mother for a second time. On this occasion, «168.am» presents the interesting interview with her, touching upon the question of how, society worshiping boys react to the fact of their having second daughter.


Neither I nor my husband ever had sex preference. But there was one important condition – that Evan needs to have a sister. Perhaps it is due to the desire that we want the 2nd baby to be born a girl.  It is not a secret that the Armenian society worships boys, this is the reason that even during the first pregnancy, knowing about the sex they often used to say to me, Never mind, the next will be a boy. Well, imagine what I have heard and still hear for the second time – “Do not give up, the other will be a boy”, “Oops, sorry”, “Just because of that, you should have another one.” At first I answered them all with great enthusiasm that we are happy that we are having a girl, at least 10 girls … I am already tired of “consoling”. It looks like they do not believe we can be happy that we will have another girl. There are horrible stereotypical attitudes in our society on this issue.


I do not like to accuse, judge people. Every woman has the right to make a decision. Every year in our country nearly 1,400 girls are killed unborn. They are not born, as parents, knowing the sex make a decision to deprive them of life. For me, this is scary, shameful, and unacceptable. Why do not they want to have a girl? Unfortunately, our society does not approach seriously to the image of woman, but there is still serious progress in this field.


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