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Our Girl Children: factsheet


There are around 422.000 girl children (0-18) living in Armenia.


Two out of five girl children (42.8%) live in poverty, and almost four out of hundred (3.7%) live in extreme poverty.


In Armenia, families preferring a girl child are six times less than families preferring a boy child.


After birth, girls are treated equally and provided with equal care as boys


On average each year Armenia loses around 1400 girls because of prenatal sex selection.


There is already a surplus of 45.000 boys (0-18) in the countryi, and the tendency continues.


In 2011, 20287 girls and 23160 boys were born setting a sex-at-birth ratio of 100 girls to 114 boys, while the normal ratio would have been 100 girls/102-106 boys.


Most popular names given to newborn girls in Armenia are Maneh, Milena, and Elen (2011):


Our Girls When They Grow Up:


Study (60 per cent of people with higher education in Armenia are women).


Get married at the average age of 24.6 (2010).


Have 1-2 children on average (two women have three children on average) (2010).


Try to find their place (70 per cent of officially registered unemployed in Armenia are women).



Live on average up to 77 years old – seven years more than men.


Source: UNFPA-Armenia 

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