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About 70,000 children have been displaced as a result of recent events in Syria

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore has announced that nearly 70,000 children have been displaced as a result of last week’s military operation in the northeast of Syria.


The statement, in particular, reads:


UNICEF confirms that at least 4 children were killed and 9 wounded in northeast Syria. Reports say 7 more children killed in Turkey…


Three health facilities, one ambulance and one school were attacked. The Auluk water station that supplies water to about 400,000 people in Hasakei is no longer operational…


We are concerned that at least 170,000 children now need humanitarian assistance as a result of ongoing violence in the area. UNICEF works with its partners to provide immediate assistance to victims, including:

  • Emergency assistance to families arriving at the shelter
  • Providing 95,000 l of water and 12 reservoirs to fill the water shortage in Hasakah,
  • Planning for the renovation of the Elk Station
  • Primary care counseling for women and children,
  • Care for 13 children.


 We also continue to provide clean water and health services to approximately 64,000 children and women sheltered in the Al-Hol Camp.


As violence continues to escalate, UNICEF calls for the protection of children in all parties to the conflict and those who may have an impact on the situation. The warring parties must protect civilian infrastructure and not use it for military gain. ”


According to a UNICEF-Armenia report.

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