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Our future is today’s elderly: two story


It’s been said: “Children are our future,” but in reality, today’s elderly are our future, this is what will happen to us when we will turn 60 years old –… And in this case, regular pension although is the main, but not the only problem for the elderly …


Today, with the increase in life expectancy around the world are changing the stereotypical perceptions of older people and their attitude. We speak not only care for the elderly to ensure a dignified old age requirement, but the potential of older people for the benefit of the country and involve the public.


“At age 40, life is just beginning” – this famous phrase from “Moscow does not believe tears” movie and for 80s is almost revolutionary in nature. It was assumed that women of this age are already retired and had to think about the grandchildren, and in no case can arrange a personal life. In fact, neither in Soviet nor in post-Soviet years, the public  wanted to talk about what life is like after  50, 60 or 70.


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