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Nazeli: “My Father Encourages Me”


For the first time, 13-year-old Nazeli learned that October 11th  is International Day of the Girl Child and was surprised to find that she and her peers had such a celebration.


Nazeli is studying in the 8th grade of Garegin Nzhdeh School # 161 in Yerevan. My favorite subjects are English and Physics. She is convinced that what they learn in school should come to life. But she is not limited to school knowledge, she is involved in sports and singing. She is attending basketball classes for the second year in a row. But the main favorite is the song. She has loved singing since she was little, and her buzzing sound was often heard at assemblies or at work. After graduating from high school, Nazeli decided to pursue a serious career in songwriting, improve her career abroad, and even chose the country, the United States. She says there are student programs through which she can fulfill her dream.


  • Don’t consider it a child’s ambition, but I would like Nazeli Mukhayelyan’s name to be heard on the stage. I think the key to fulfilling any dream is to strive for heights, otherwise you will not achieve anything, ”Nazeli assured.


Nazeli is a lover of Armenian songwriting, she loves to listen to Sona Rubenyan’s songs, especially “Moon”, but she is even more fond of the South Korean BTS rock band she discovered through the internet. Nazelle is one of the millions of fans of the band and decided to study Korean online through the Internet to find out more about BTS.


Her daughter’s bold and ambitious plans have little concern for her mother, Mrs. Hasmik, but her father, Vahan, is not against it. Nazeli’s father fully welcomes his daughter’s decision, even encouraging it. “My dad encourages me, he says, no matter how bold and unrealistic my dreams and plans may be, we need to move on, not back down.” Sister Anna is a sympathizer, and since her plans are no less bold, she also encourages her sister.


Nazeli’s financial matters aren’t worrying, she decided two years later to grow up, work, save money to study abroad and live for some time.


“Today our generation, I think, is more free and bold in thinking and acting, but no matter how much time it has on our upbringing, we are still born and raised in an Armenian family where respect and love for parents and Armenian traditions are maintained.” says Nazel.

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