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Naira Mikayelyan “I want to believe that my violated labor right will be restored”

The worst of the problems facing the remote Bardzravan village in Syunik is the poor condition of the school and its unhealthy atmosphere. There are only five students in the school – in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 10th grades, and only  15 teachers. Failure of the awareness of the labor rights and guidance by personal interests in a remote community school has led to lawlessness towards one of the teachers.


Yet three years ago, school principal Edik Hovhannisyan admitted to school Naira Mikayelyan as a teacher of Russian, French and Chemistry for 9.25 hours as a temporary teacher.


Then, in 2016, Naira overcame a contest for a vacant position in a school vacancy and  has the right to occupy the position of the assistant teacher of the Russian language and French.


Naira appeals to the director with a request to take part in the social package, but the latter replies tha/ she should work with the same load for another six months. Naira Mikayelyan receives such a response from the Syunik Regional Board of Education, where she had appealed to clarify the issue. In order to get rid of headaches, the school principal releases Naira on the grounds of reducing the position of a teacher’s assistant and completing the oral contract. As a result of the consistent struggle,  it turns out that Naira is considered to be a worker, even though the director admitted someone else.


Edik Hovhannisyan confessed in a telephone conversation with us that he had dismissed the teacher because of the verdict, which was wrong and for which he received a reprimand from the corresponding department of the regional administration.


Former governor Vahe Hakobyan was also aware of this issue lasting for two years, but the case of 29-year-old Narine Mikaelyan is still unclear. However, she wants to believe that her violated labor right will be restored because she has applied to the RA Prime Minister’s Actor Nikol Pashinyan with great hope, as well as to the newly appointed governor of Syunik Hunan Poghosyan.


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