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Narine Tukhikyan. “Any citizen should be the owner of the city”

“Yerevan has gradually turned into a provincial town, overreached new buildings, night lighting, it has generally turned into something that someone coming here for  2-3 days should enjoy the delights of our city, but it is uncomfortable, and domiciled for its citizens and does not have anything memorable. This is very unfortunate because it was in our hands, not foreigners”, – says director of Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum Narine Tukhikyan.


On May 14th , the City Council elections to be held and residents of  Yerevan maybe are expecting some changes in the capital. The problems are many, ranging from town featured to landscaping,  transport, elevators and roof problems.


“It was old Yerevan, it should be rebuilt  maintaining old climate”


Narine Tukhikyan says unfortunately the capital city Yerevan is so distorted that she cannot imagine how the city can “revive.” The intellectual says a talented architect Tamanyan’s project is corrupted, North Avenue is a dead prospect today. “It saddens me more than anything else is, or rather makes me angry. There used to be small earthen huts, which was itself Old Yerevan, it should be rebuilt maintaining old climate”.


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