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Nikol Pashinyan: “We have to create favorable conditions for women to be more involved in public administration”

The newly-elected Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in his today’s program speech in the National Assembly, touched upon the issue of raising the role of women in the life of society, emphasizing the imperative of women’s participation in the development and governance of the country.


Particularly, referring to the most important events during the Velvet Revolution, Nikol Pashinyan mentioned unprecedented activity of youth and women in public-political life.


“The large-scale participation of women in the political processes of the last month was one of the most important factors that gave us the opportunity to call the changes in Armenia a revolution of love and solidarity. We have to make serious efforts to ensure that women’s current activity continues to manifest in our public and state life. We need to create favorable conditions for women to have more coverage in public administration, political and public life since last month has shown that such activity is fully compatible with our national identity and our national perceptions of the family. In  new Armenia women will become the strongest factor, and their role will ensure Armenia’s stable and progressive development in the conditions of love and solidarity. And now, as a candidate for Prime Minister nominated by this nation, I want to encourage women of Armenia and call on them to continue their public life and activities after this revolutionary phase, because I am convinced that the atmosphere and mood that has now been created in Armenia by their efforts, will boost the development of the Republic of Armenia and strengthen an Armenian family, “the newly-elected Prime Minister said in his speech.



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