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Singer Shushan Petrosyan says there is nothing bad about kissing

Republican MP, famous singer Shushan Petrosyan has expressed bewilderment about the public resonance around the photo of a “policeman kissing a female activist.”


“Is it the only problem we face now? I think this is not a topic for discussion,” she told a press conference today.


There is nothing bad about kissing, according to Ms Petrosyan. “Kissing is better than fighting,” she said, asking journalists if they see something bad about kissing.


It depends on where, whom and how, journalists replied, to which Shushan Petrosyan said that “the photo shows that the kiss was very tender.”


A photo appeared on the web of a “policeman kissing a female activist” during a protest at 5 Komitas Street against controversial construction work. The police announced yesterday that the policeman was dismissed from his job by the order of the police chief. Final conclusions will be issued after thorough studies.


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