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European Atlas of Contraceptives presented in Parliament


“We must take all the necessary measures to ensure universal access to the idea of equality for men and women, including health services, including services related to family planning and sexual health,” said MP Arpine Davoyan on July 11th at the RA National Assembly during the discussion on “Presentation of the European Atlas of Contraceptives”.


The discussion was organized by the NA Standing Committee on Health Care and Social Affairs within the framework of cooperation with the European Parliamentary Forum on Reproductive and Sexual Rights. The day was probably not accidentally chosen, July 11th is the United Nations Population Day.


Member of the Standing Committee on Health and Social Affairs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Arpine Davoyan mentioned that the European Parliamentary Forum for Reproductive and Sexual Rights is the platform in which gender issues are concerned, gender equality, empowerment of women, family and its role, people’s reproductive health and rights, education and development of the population, which are the most important components of a healthy society.


Neil Dattan, a representative of the European Parliamentary Forum for Reproductive and Sexual Rights, explained that the organization is a specialized parliamentary network, which operates in European countries and deals with issues of reproductive and sexual rights of citizens of these countries.


“The European Atlas of Contraceptives”, presented by Marina Davidashvili, shows the studies carried out in around 46 European countries. She touched upon the access to contraceptives in these countries and the national governments’ awareness of the issue and their awareness, explaining that their use allows planning the number of children, their age difference, preventing the infertility caused by unsafe abortions and so on. According to Marina Davidashvili’s observation, it is false that the use of contraceptives limits birth. This viewpoint confirms the facts, she said, bringing Scandinavia’s example where the birthrate is high.


In their final speech, Neil Datta and Arpine Davoyan touched upon the achievements of the organization in the area of human rights protection and attached importance to the effective and constructive implementation of further cooperation.

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