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What are the causes of labor rights violations in Armenia?


Although the State Labor Inspectorate has stopped functioning since 2012, the Institute of Trade Unions is not established yet, business and government are intertwined, and however, it is possible to minimize workers’ rights abuses, if their awareness increases and they start to fight for their rights, – such an opinion was expressed by participants of the discussion on the topic “Cases of labor rights abuses and current legislation” held at Media Center. It should be mentioned that the discussion was relevant for the context of “International Day of Decent work” celebrated on October 7th.


One of the participants of the discussion Helsinki Committee Chairman Avetik Ishkhanyan noted that Helsinki Committee observations carried out in some large enterprises, cafes, and supermarkets of Armenia, show that very often contracts are not concluded with workers and often they are just formal.


Another participant of the discussion, Head of the legal department of Confederation of Trade Unions Mikayel Piliposyan singled out some violations of labor rights – “Most of all they apply to us for the issues of employment contracts, hiring, dismissal, unpaid salaries, allowances, bonuses, annual leaves, etc”.


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