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“No one can better represent his/her country than a working mother”

The world’s focus is on these days at the UN headquarters in New York, where the 75th session of the organization will commence on September 25th. During the session, heads of states and governments will raise global issues and steps to address them. Presidents of 93 countries, 41 Prime Ministers and 55 Foreign Ministers are taking part in the session.


Prior to the session, thematic summits and other events are being held, for example, the Global Summit on Global Call for Drug Problems, the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit and so on. New Zealand Prime Minister Jassine Ardner did not miss out on the international media outlets during the course of the event, attending the session with his three-month daughter.


Prior to the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, Prime Minister Jassine Ardner spoke on the podium, highlighting the “great influence” of the former South African leader on his country, his companion sitting in the auditorium, Clara Geiffer, in the embrace of the little Neva. Geoffrey also posted on his Twitter page the Neeve Beige, on which a picture of the girl’s diaper is posted.


The prime minister gave birth in June, and returned to work for just six weeks on a leave. Little Neva is breastfeeding, so the prime minister says her decision to leave for the six-day foreign trip was very practical.. The head of the New Zealand government also said she would pay for her partner’s New York arrival, food and living, as he came to the United States to care for their daughter first.


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