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“I want public opinion not to be so overwhelming …”

WomenNet.am talked to teenagers about their problems and the changes they would like to see…


Ani is 14 years old.


– I don’t want to be constantly compared to boys. For example, we had recently fled the classroom, the teacher was furious – we understand boys, but girls, aren’t you ashamed? Why ? Aren’t we guys human?


Maria is 14 years old.


– There is such a thing in families too. In our house they often tell me to bring water for my brother, to have dinner, but never say the opposite. I have complained several times, my mother says there is nothing wrong with it, she has often taken water for her brothers. I am not against water, but let it be the other way around.


Tatev 16 years old


– I would like the professions not to be separated, not purely male professions. I want to become a soldier, serve in the army as they do in Israel, but in Armenia it is not accepted and they will not allow at home. And if it is accepted at the state level, no one will object. It’s not all about girls, only those who want to, I know a few…


Lily 16 years old


– I also think that there is a stereotypical approach to specialties. I want to become an actress, at home they say if you want to go to study, but you will not work as they say about you. Until now they think that if they are an actress, then they must have bad behavior. That’s a big deal …


Narine is 16 years old


– I don’t want to stay in Armenia at all, when I finish studying abroad I will work there and stay there. I have relatives overseas, I have to live with them… Opportunities abroad are higher, salaries are high.


Arpine is 18 years old


– I would like to improve the lives of young people in the villages. There would be houses of culture, places of entertainment to make the life of the youth interesting, or else we had to go to school.


Ani is 17 years old


– I want public opinion not to be so overwhelming. I want to get tattooed on my wrist, my parents don’t let me knowing what my relatives, neighbors will say, what my acquaintances will say. But if I say I want to have my nose operated, they won’t say anything.

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