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“I have summed up my story of non-surrender in my book.” Ani Kochar

February 4th is the International Day against Cancer. Journalist Ani Kochar posted a Facebook post referring to her first book on overcoming cancer. The book will be released this spring. Recall that WomenNet.am had a chance to talk to Ani Kochar in 2013 when she was running for the Hello Yerevan bloc in the Yerevan City Council elections. But this time it’s not about politics but about the struggle for life and death.


            Every day more and more people are hearing the death sentence seeming diagnosis: “We’re sorry, but you have cancer.” Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases of the 21st century. 9 million 600,000 people died from cancer in 2018.  The civilized world talks about it, helps in the difficult struggle, and most importantly, informs about possible prevention options. That is why February 4th has been proclaimed the International Day Against Cancer.


            What about our country? Almost nothing is done in that direction. In the last 20 years, oncological diseases in Armenia have increased by 70%. Almost half of all cancers are diagnosed with grade III and grade IV complications. This is often due to insufficient awareness, failure to check in time, or preventive measures. Many people with cancer are ashamed to talk about their illness, and celebrities make every effort to hide it.


            No one is immune to the disease, but everyone seems to know it can happen with anyone, not just with themselves or their loved ones. This is the biggest delusion. When I encountered this problem, I was shocked. Then a difficult phase of the fight against the disease began in my life. Then came the healing. During that time, unlike many, I was not silent or ashamed of my illness. I told them what I went through, what difficult times I had to overcome.


            At that time, I didn’t think my notes could help others. I’ve just been honest with my friends and followers. Then I just had to feel how many people I was unwittingly helping. How many people are chasing my fight path, supporting my victory,  getting hope not to give up. If you only knew how many emails I get each day. People want to talk about the pain they’ve been through, want to learn how not to give up.


            I have summarized my story of non-surrender in my book. I have been so open and honest with the reader that at times I have been asked a question: How will our society with prejudices accept such a personal plot? One thing I know for sure. The first book of my life can serve as an example for many. An example of not giving up, struggling and loving life even after hundreds of failures.


This book is not about cancer, but about loving life, struggling with faith, and never giving up. Don’t give up even when everything seems to be over, when you don’t know if you’ll meet another dawn or not. This book will infuse a great desire to live, a steadfast faith, and a drive to appreciate every minute of life.


This volume of motivating literature can become a table book for any person at a difficult stage of their lives. Thanks to Newmag Publishing House and especially Artak Alexanyan for bringing it to life. The book is currently being edited and will be published in the spring.

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