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They demand Taron Margaryan’s resignation / video

Today, members of the “We deny Taron” initiative have held a protest near the building of the Yerevan City Hall demanding the resignation of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan. Among the demonstrators were the members of “Yerkir Tsirani” faction of the Yerevan City Council. The action participants called on “Unlawful construction, no violence by gangs, no money laundering. decent transport, decent life! ”


A statement disseminated by the initiative proposes the justification of their claim, including the discriminatory, degrading treatment and violent behavior towards women highlighted during Taron Margaryan’s rule, from violence against the oppositional women to insults during Council of Elders session”.


“The public was shocked by the attacks of a group of council members and municipality officials on Taron Margaryan’s order in February of this year on oppositional female members of the council, accompanied by physical violence, sexual harassment, blasphemy and threats. The defendants were not only punished but also continued administrative repression against women, “reads the statement.



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