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War and Peace in the eyes of women 

The 4th International Conference initiated by the “Democracy Today” NGO and held on September 8-9th  in Yerevan  was a joint platform for Caucasian women, who are involved in peace making and the defense of human rights. It is a platform through which they exchange experience, encourage and inspire each other.



The conference is traditionally held under the slogan  “Women for peace and stability in the Caucasus: Peace begins in your home”. Each year a theme is changing, driven by the situation in the world and the most pressing problems. This year’s theme was “War and Peace economy and their impact on women’s daily lives”.



The two-day conference was attended by representatives of several NGOs and government bodies in Armenia, experts and guests from Sweden, North Caucasus, Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh, the EU, “UN Women” structure, the French and the British Embassy.



“Women are very well aware of the price of peace.”



All year round keeping in touch within a few days of holding the conference women share the situation faced by them in their countries, discuss issues and present their ideas about the present and the future of our rapidly changing world. Everything focuses on the role and significance of women as the main actors for peace and stability.



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