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Jemma Hasratyan. “It must be clear that quotas are temporary tools”


Jemma Hasratyan, the President of Association of Women with University Education, talk about the effectiveness of quota.  


– I think that it was right for the NGO sector to make recommendations on quota, and we registered a positive change as women’s representation increased to 18% from 10%. I would like to mention that when we were advancing the recommendation on raising the quota, it was yet unknown that the Electoral Code would introduce the concept of territorial or open electoral lists which is unfavourable for non-popular women and women with scarce financial resources. Nevertheless, we note a positive progress in terms of women’s representation in the National Assembly. But I am more concerned about the quality and not the number of women in the NA. Their quality will be observed in their future work. The main requirement has always been to have women in the Parliament who are knowledgeable and intelligent, who control the situation and are able to raise problems not only about women but also for the general society. Besides, it must be clear that quotas are temporary tools until civil society institutes, including NGOs and parties prepare resources for the Parliament. A time will come when there will be no quotas but there will be a large number of active women who will be able to participate in political processes independently. Finally, until when must the social sector be a guardian for women to be represented in the legislative power? This is important to think about. At this stage, the women who have passed to the Parliament through the quotas must realise their commitment to the society.


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