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“Joy.” story about an innovative woman

The film, directed by David O՛Racle, is a real story about a woman named Joy Mangano, who has patented more than 100 different inventions throughout her life. Her success commenced in 1990 with the discovery of Miracle Mop (floor washing machine), which helped her to earn millions of dollars and build her own business, Ingenious Designs. Joy Mangano still continues to amaze with her inventions today by promoting them on American television.


“Everyone can be successful” – this is the slogan of “Joy”. The film is flooded with feminism, and the choice of actors (Jennifer Lawrence Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper) is a real star collection. By the way, Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe Award for this role and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress.


The little Girl is a resourceful and dreamy. She succeeds in creating a dog collar which does not shatter the animal, while at the same time defending it from fleas. Joe is falling in love as most of her peers, getting married and having two children. In the family, marriage and family problems, Joey loses her dreamy personality and turns into an exhausted housewife. It is difficult to keep the nerves firm when the husband is only sleeping and singing when her mother is locked in her room by hiding from her own problems and for years only watching TV series when her father is a failed businessman. And no-one believes in her power besides the only person, her grandmother. Grandmother is the only person in the family who believes in Joe, inspires her. The little girl in childhood appears to Joi through dreams, she is awakened to her … And now, Joe invents a comfortable device for washing the floor itself, and it can be washed and used again and again. Only in the world of business and advertising should succeed and Joe is ready to go to the end of her dream and turn into a struggling, relentless and successful business lady…


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