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Rating system has a  face of wealthy men 09.04.2017

Central Electoral Commission summed up the final results. Accordingly, the Republican Party will have 58 , “Tsarukyan” block  – 31,  “Way out” block  – 9, ARF – 7 mandates.  Half of the seats fall to parliamentarians who have received  the largest number of votes by rating lists. Observations show that they are exclusively male. Only one woman Mane Tandilyan from “Way out” alliance passed in parliament by rating system  who  running in constituency No. 1  was able to ensure 5110  votes for the alliance.


Two women on the regional lists  collected, 4-5 thousand votes but it was not enough for them to pass to parliament. Lusine Mejlumyan from Republican a rating list in  9th District of  Lori Region received 4722 votes, Arustamyan  Nora from “Tsarukyan”  alliiance in  N7 district of Aragatsotn region received 4789 votes. Let’s note that no matter how many votes ensured women for their parties almost all the candidates are represented in parliament by rating system.


Very few women candidates that received more than 1000 votes. Batoyan Zaruhi from District No. 1 got 1639 votes, Heghine Bisharyan  1621 votes Petrosyan, Nune  Petrosyan from ARF  – 1191 votes from No. 12 electoral district,  Yesayan Alvard from “Tsarukyan” alliance  – 1138 votes,  Nairi Bakhshyan from  “Tsarukyan”  alliance in  No. 12 electoral district  – 2467 votes, Jemma Harutyunyan from Republican party –  at the electoral district 11 – 1005 votes,  Margaryan Anna from “Tsarukyan” alliance at 10 electoral district  – 1052 votes, Aytsemnik Ohanyan from “Tsarukyan”  alliance at the 9th district –  1628 votes, Danielyan Ruzanna from  “Tsarukyan” alliance at the 9th District- 1322 votes, Ruzanna Hakobyan from  Republican Party at Constituency No. 8 –  1398 votes.


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