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“For us there was no question – to go to the front or not”


If it were no Great Patriotic War, Rosalia Abgaryan would realize her   childhood dream, become a doctor and live a peaceful life. But one day in June changed her life and her peers. They stood up for the country and fighting against fascism. Decades later after the war, Mrs. Rozalyan is again full of life and love towards people. Her smiling eyes are filled with excitement and endless deep distress when she remembers about the inhumanity of the war, not feminine horrors. Mediamax’s correspondent Yekaterina Poghosyan represents the story of 91-year-old Rozalya Abgaryan.
We were the generation who loved their land, their homeland. There was no question for us to go to the front or not. My friends and I turned to the military unit, enlisted as a volunteer. My parents were against my decision to go to the front. My father had three daughters and no sons. But one member of our family should go to defend the homeland.


The entire country was standing up.  We learned to work on radio in a few months, and afterwards during the whole war I was working on the radio.


Today, decades later, the war seems to be fragments from the film, which frequently come to mind. Many scenes have been deleted from the memory, turned into a story of unspeakable suffering and courage.


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