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The list of items needed for child care of women prisoners has been set


On October 15th, the Government approved daily doses of food for prisoners’ food, their clothing and timing of their operation, bedding and hygiene, and the draft resolution on defining their exploitation terms.


The Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan stated during the meeting that the purpose is resolution of some principal issues: “We are regulating food portions provided not only to sick, but also pregnant and feeding mothers”, – said the Minister.


In the draft posted on the Government’s official website it is said that women prisoners having children under the age of 3 are provided baby food and clothes, shoes and upholstered furniture.


The second paragraph of the Article 79 of the Decree provides that in the shelters intended for pregnant women prisoners or those having children under the age of 3 single beds are placed, each child is given a child bed, and cells or chambers are provided with hot water.


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