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In September, regular elections will be held in 17 communities


On September 29, regular elections to local self-governing bodies were held in 17 communities in Ararat, Armavir, Aragatsotn, Gegharkunik, Lori, Kotayk, Shirak and Tavush.


In 11 out of the villagers, they will only elect the community head, in only 5 –  members of the Council of Elders, and in one –  the council, and the community leader.


Citizens intending to participate in the elections as candidates should submit the documents required for registration to the Territorial Electoral Commission on August 25-30. Candidates are registered from August 30th  to September 4th at 18:00.


Candidates can submit their programs and promises on Community development to voters starting on September 11th. They have 16 days to conduct pre-election campaigns. The day preceding the voting day is a day of silence.


Prior to the nomination and registration of candidates, WomenNet.am tried to find out how women were represented in those communities. The picture is pretty annoying. No head of the 12 communities is a woman. As for the elders, women are not represented in the five councils of the six constituencies,


Aragatsotn, Sgharshik (5 members of council of elders, 5 men)


Gegharkunik, Ddmashen (6 members of council of elders, 6 men)


Lori, Chkalov (5 members of council of elders, 5 men)


Tavush, Sarigyugh (5 members of council of elders, 5 men)


Tavush, Khashtarak (7 members of council of elders, 7 men).


It should be reminded that according to the decision of the Central Electoral Commission, during this year three days were separated for holding the elections of the local self-government bodies in winter, on February 17th, in summer, on June 9th and in autumn, on September 29th.

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