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Female Commander of Sevan Rescue Fire Squadron


“I can say from my experience that there is no gender difference in any profession, the most important thing is to treat any profession with all responsibility. In order to overcome any difficulty and barrier one should have willpower. I think I manage to do that”, – says Commander of Sevan Rescue Fire Squadron number 33, senior lieutenant Ewelina Khachatryan.


Commenting on the appointment of the female commander was considered by press as an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of MES system.


“The only women here are me and cleaning lady”, – says Ewelina. Rescue was not a part of her dream; in fact, she just had a dream of getting lawyer’s profession. But growing up she realized that was alien to her nature. Then she studied at Yerevan State Linguistic University after Bryusov getting qualification of a teacher of German-English languages. She was involved in professional swimming courses during student years. Then her mother told her that her swimming skills could be directly linked to emergency service.


She treats her work very seriously and with great faith. She feared that the society would not perceive her profession adequately, but, fortunately, her appointment as a commander was not surprising even for her male members of collective.


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