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Aleppo: Situation of Syrian Armenians is extremely critical


New Armenian families have moved to Armneia to Syria during May. According to data of the Ministry of Diaspora during the last month nearly 500 000 Syrian Armneians have moved to Armenia. And the situation of the rest people in Syria is in the center of attention of media. Sargis Grigoryan and chief editor of “Azg”newspaper Hakob Avetiqyan noted that the situation is critical and Syrian-Armenian’s situation is extremely serious. Particularly Hakob Avetiqyan said that he calls Aleppo, Damaskus every day in order to get information about local Armenians. May was difficult month for Armenians in Syria; Armenian facilities were bombed, church, etc. Over the past 10 days, however, the situation is peaceful. But it was a deceptive peace before the storm. “Everybody is awaiting for the attack on Aleppo,- said Hakob Avetiqyan and added that only 7 thousand Armenians remained in Aleppo out of 35 000. Many of them even do not have money to move here.

Azdarar addresses to the lack of money noting that for coming to Armenia one Syrian-Armenian needs 490 $. Number of families willing to come to Armenia is several hundred; many of them have financial issues, and charity organizations can help only some of them. Meanwhile, the threat to human life in Syria is growing day by day.

Azdarar also addresses to social projects implemented by Armenian office of UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees supporting families already living in Armenia.

As for the Government’s position regarding transfer of families remaining in Syria until now it has been due to the fact that the leaders of the Armneian community in Syria did not wantr people to be displaced and tried to evacuate to community. According to press secretary of Syrian Berio primacy Jirayr Reisyan it is wrong to talk about the role of primacy in this matter as there are people willing to leave, and there those willing to stay, so it is not collective mood. “And the Diocrese, national authority and all responsible parties think that all the people willing to escape from Syrian, should return to homeland. Naturally, we do not want to resolve the colony, but we cannot be against if people decide to leave, we recommend them to leave for homeland. All those who are here, try to watch their estates, properties, houses, national authority will support and response to all their problems”, – said Reisyan in an interview with 168 hours.

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