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Being a woman cannot be an obstacle. If you are a hard-working person, you will work


Syrian-Armenian women-entrepreneurs  – founder of a network of shops of products of the East “Aleppo” Alin Saryan and founder of a complex of “Hayland eco-village” Caroline Zakaryan are pleased to note that they were the first to initiate a business in Armenia. But today they are ready to compete.


Yesterday during the press conference held with journalists the president of Armenia young women’s association Lilit Asatryan introduced these women while announcing about annual charity fair.


“My best friends, my colleagues Alin Saryan and Caroline Zakaryan are people who can teach us much, personally me. They have come to homeland, set their business and not only ensure economic stability of their families but also that of hundreds of families.


The funds which are raised, we use for implementation of specific goals; particularly our goal is to promote entrepreneurship in our country.


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