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Sona Minasyan: “The whole sense of politics to ensure each citizen’s happiness”

Our interlocutor is Sona Minasyan, who occupies 8th place of the national list of «Free democrats» party.


  • Why have you decided to run for MP and how do you imagine your work at Parliament?


Well I can answer that the decision is a continuation of my work, I am a journalist by profession, since 2011 I have been a member of the “Free Democrats” party. Political activity is   a daily job for me, and I consider the nomination as a parliamentary candidate very natural and normal, there could not be other alternative. My goal is to  create opportunities for every citizen to live in their own homeland –  decent and competitive Armenia – where I will do everything for the sake of their safety.


  • Which are the priority ossues of our country which you will try to solve in case of being elected?


We have numerous internal and external problems and challenges today, but I will single out priorities that are directly linked with each other. Track changes in foreign policy, to stop Armenia’s joining the Eurasian Economic Union and make a full member of the European family, and relations with Russia must be based on partnership, equality of rights. Deep economic reform, uncompromising fight against corruption, monopoly and shadow. Provide Security, resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict exclusively through peaceful means, to achieve international recognition of the Artsakh Republic. To solve these problems, we need concrete steps and solutions that we have introduced in the program of «Armenian dream», which is based on precise calculations, which can be achieved in a realistic period of time. And finally, the whole point is aimed at a policy that every citizen be happy.


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