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On the day of murder the husband beat his wife in the presence of two children

At Investigative Committee of Lori Region Investigation Department the investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the murder by woman of her husband in Gugarq village. According to the preliminary data, on 25th of May, at 00: 00 pm, she had a quarrel with her husband, as a result of which 32-year-old Liana K. fired “Makarov” pisto 7 shots in the direction of her husband, as a result of injuries incompatible with life the man died. It is also noted that killed 33-year-old Tigran Martirosyan is a son of the criminal authority “Chacho’s Edo’s son.


Today it became known that Liana K. was charged under Article 108 of the Criminal Code namely, murder -limits of necessary defense. The investigator is also releasing attachment to the deceased’s wife, as well as the decision to apply protective measures against the accused and his apartment.


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