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 Svitalski. The European Union is not satisfied with the ratio of the number of men and women in electoral lists 

EU is still not satisfied with the ratio of women and men in the electoral lists of political forces for parliamentary elections, – said the head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Peter Svitalskin on February 24th, during a press conference.


According to him, the EU has urged the increase of women quota. “Unfortunately,  parties do not support us in this matter,” he complained. Referring to the Electoral Code, Svitalskin said. “We can only say that we believe there are elements that have been improved and were reflected in the comments of the Venice Commission. I have had a meaningful conversation with Armenia’s authorities, in particular with the Minister of Justice. We understand that many of the provisions, especially on observers and journalists, were criticized by the civil society”.


The ambassador then continued that no secret that a direct dialogue with the EU authorities in Armenia resulted in some changes to the Electoral Code. According to the diplomat, the government took into account the comments of EU observers to testing.


The ambassador said the European Union has  not has invested so much money and political confidence in any country as in Armenia, and it has done to help organize credible elections.


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