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Srbuhi Grigoryan: «School has its saint mission it should not deal with politics»

Srbuhi Grigoryan is interlocutor of WomenNet.am. She is nominated in the constituency N. 12 of Syuniq region as a candidated from «Yelq» alliance by rating list.   The long-term journalist has been in journalism since  2012, when she was elected as a comunity council member of Sisian community, last year she participated in elections as a community leader candidate.  


  • What was the motivation to enter politics?


I think in general women’s attitude towards politics has been changed a little. Of course it was influenced by women’s resource centers operating in Syuniq and those women, who are leaders in breaking stereotypes. Women understood that willingly or unwillingly politics exists in every field – health politics, education politics.  And participating in elections is just logical continuation of these policies. I entered politics in 2012, when I was elected as a community member of Sisian. During four years I understood that this is my field.  In 2016 I became member of «Bright Armenia» party and then nominated as a community leader candidate. And altough I was not elected as a mayor but I think that definitely I changed voters’ perception that only a man may be community leader. II have never thought of becoming an MP. I do not know what decision will make out voter but I am sure that I will be a very hard-working MP and will treat all project discussions and laws with high responsibility.


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