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The Prime Minister did not accept Mane Tandilian’s resignation

At today’s government session, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan explained why she did not accept the resignation of Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane Tandilyan.


According to the Prime Minister, they discussed with the Minister and came to a joint conclusion that Mane Tandilian would still be the head of the government, and discussions on the mandatory funded pension system would continue. Presenting the future fate of the accumulative pension system, which led to Tandilian’s resignation, Nikol Pashinyan said:


“We must also work on the issue, which has become a hot topic for discussion not only in the government, but also among the public. We are talking about a funded pension system, and how we have agreed before, with economic development and investments, and with justice ministers, we must work to make that system more acceptable, perceived and reliable in the future. We have to disassociate the public and our doubts so that we can be sure that we are on the right path. ”


The purpose of the NA resolution, according to him, was to win the time only so that the government could have a quiet time for drafting it for the next two months. “We do not doubt that the system needs improvement,” said Pashinyan.


Mane Tandilian, who is attending the meeting, thanked for the coincidence of her principles, reminding that these principles were the basis of her resignation. The minister pledged to develop and submit a program to the government in a very short period of time so that the new proposals will gain legal force from January 1st, 2019.


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