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Snap local government elections: Seven women nominated in Artashat

The registration deadline for the September 29 snap local elections has expired. It should be reminded that on that day snap elections are scheduled in six communities; Women were nominated only in the municipal elections, with 7 of the 48 candidates running for Artashat being women.


The four candidates in Vanevan village of Gegharkunik region are men. One of them has withdrawn, three will continue the fight. They are all non-party and self-nominated.


All three candidates registered in the Zartonk village of Armavir region are male, all non-party and self-nominated.


There are no women among the three candidates running for the Getap community in Shirak. Here all candidates are non-party and self-nominated.


Let’s recall that none of these three communities had a female leader before this election.


As for the candidates running for the Council of Elders, 48 candidates, 7 of which are women, have applied to run for the Council of Ararat regional center Artashat. They are all registered, 44 are self-nominated. There are two candidates nominated by the PAP, one for the Social Justice Party.


The Council of Elders is composed of 15 members.


Registered female candidates are as follows:

  1. Nelly Aloyan-nonparty, self-nominated;
  2. Anna Galstyan is a member of the PAP, nominated by the party, she is a member of the PAP Women’s Council;
  3. Tina Margaryan is a non-party, self-nominated, principal of Artashat # 1 primary school;
  4. Karine Mikaelyan is a non-party, self-nominated, Director of “Robada” LLC;
  5. Heriknaz Nazaryan is a non-party, self-nominated, former council member;
  6. Armine Sargsyan is a non-party, self-nominated, high school teacher in Artashat;
  7. Araksya Stepanyan is a member of the Party for Social Justice, nominated by the party.


It should be reminded that there were two women in the former council of elders: Nazaryan Heriknaz and Hayrapetyan Ruzan. The pre-election campaign will start on September 17th and end on September 27th. Candidates can submit applications for withdrawal by September 19th.

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