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Local Elections: Local Elections the number of women community heads was increased by another one

Central Election Commission publishes preliminary results of local self-government elections held on June 9th. According to them, one of the two women candidates for the head of the community has won. Let us remind that only 8 out of 502 communities in Armenia are headed by women. Now the number of female community leaders increased by another one.


Hranush Rostomyan has received the largest number of votes in Karadzor community of Lori region receiving 75votes.


The next female candidate was Siranush Aghajanyan in the village of Sis, Ararat province. She works as a saleswoman at the store. 48 voters voted for her.


Two women will be represented at the council of Sorik Yezidi-populated village of Aragatsotn province. According to the results published on the official website of the CEC, women, Gyulisar Tamoyan and Gyulisar Smoyan have received 3 votes, and the number of votes  received by men is not much.


One of the 14 candidates in the Dvin village of Ararat province was a woman. Srbouhi Yedigaryan received the minimum number of votes, 16 people voted for her. She will not be represented in the Council of Elders.


Four members of the council of elders in Ditak village of Ararat province will be women. The male candidate has received the largest number of votes. 32 people voted for Sargis Hovhannisyan.


Only women candidate Vurgun Karapetyan received the least number of votes in Ghursal community of Lori region.  12 villagers voted for her.


Two of the six candidates registered in the Khnkoyan community of the same province are women, non-party Varduhi Avagyan and Siranush Harutyunyan. Varduhi Avagyan received 22 votes and was re-elected, Siranush Harutyunyan received only two votes.

It should be reminded that the members of the Council of Aldermen were elected in 11 communities, only in  five of them women who participated in the elections. There were female candidates in Sorik (2 female candidates), Khnkoyan (2 women candidates), Dvin (one female candidate), Ditak (5 female candidates), and Ghursal (one female candidate). In total, 11 out of 97 candidates are women.



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