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Men feed the families and what do women do? 

The average wage difference between women and men in the labor market is 34% in Armenia. The difference in revenues is even greater and reaches 40 percent. For comparison, this difference in the  EU member countries, on average, is 15.9 percent  while the world average level is 22.9 percent …



Experts explain that gap between the women and men in the labor market by  vertical (unequal access to the labor market) and horizontal (by occupations and employment sectors) discrimination. At the same time, there were also reasons of  stereotypical character justifying the subjugation of the working women’s work to men’s, particularly in terms of remuneration. One of them, “the man feeds the family.”



The authors of the study “Women and men in economic activities in Armenia”  conducted by YSU Center of Gender and Leadership studies within the framework of “Equal” campaign initiated by OXFAM and OXIGEN foundation mention that in the Armenian society ensuring family financially is essentially on men. But this attitude is especially common among men than among women.



According to the survey, the young people, in some cases  the girls as well  find that in case a woman works  a man’s salary must be higher than her, because otherwise she could use that fact by displaying “Disobedience” in family relations .



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