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Boy is mandatory, girl – necessity

Many in Armenia still feel that the future baby’s gender is dependent on women, and if a girl is born in the family, only the woman is “guilty”. These and many similar myths and stereotypes in the Armenian society are referred to in “How to Have a Son? Cultural Practices of Son Preference in Armenia” qualitative research   conducted in World Vision Armenia within the framework of the” Poverty-Equality “project.


Presenting the research, researcher Ruzanna Tsaturyan mentioned that it was psychologically severe and as a result, she even wanted to thank her husband, and her parents, neighbors, and relatives who actually gave her the opportunity to give birth to her daughter : Meanwhile, according to her, in many families, the burden of public attitude, pressure of the surrounding people and unspoken words are the reason for the increase in the number of unborn babies.


The survey was conducted in Aragatsotn, Shirak, Tavush and Gegharkunik regions. Interviews were organized in groups of men and women.


Observations of interviews in mixed groups have shown that men were more definite and sharper in justification for a boy’s choice, with indifferent attitudes towards the discussions about a girl child. Meanwhile, women were more inclined to share their experiences on the issue, conditioned by the fact that survey was conducted by female researchers.


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You can find “How to Have a Son? Cultural Practices of Son Preference in Armenia” qualitative research here 

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