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Horrifying facts: almost 50 million children displaced in the world 



Almost 50 million children displaced worldwide, of which over 28 million have been displaced by the conflict and violence that forced them leave country’s borders or go elsewhere. Moreover, millions of other children also migrate, hoping to find a better and safer life. This is evidence of the new UNICEF report on migrant children. “Stubbed, and the growing refugee crisis”.



Children having already been subjected to trauma due to conflict and violence often continue to risk their lives at sea voyages  – being drowned, dehydrated, trafficked, kidnapped, raped and even killed. They often face discrimination and xenophobia in various countries and the transition countries where juncture.



But, unfortunately, children who are abandoned or forcibly displaced from their homes, often deprived of the potential benefits of migration, such as, for example, education, the main instigator of the reason for which many children and families choose the path of exile. Migrant child 5 times more likely not to attend  school than non-migrant. When, however, they have an opportunity to get an education, the school becomes a place where immigrant and refugee children are likely to become victims of discrimination, including unfair treatment and abuse (bullying).



The report identifies 6 key steps that will protect and help displaced, refugee or migrant children.



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