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The Parisian alley was named after Zapel Yesayan

On March 8, on the International Day of Women’s Rights, the alley at the crossing of the Avenue of the Republic of Paris and Tlimsen and Spinoza streets was named after feminist writer, human rights advocate Zapel Yesayan. Anush Kocharyan, a correspondent for Hetq.am, touched upon the topic.


“Back to last year Paris Mayor Anne Idalgo, speaking in the framework of the official visit of the President of Armenia to France, said that one of the streets of Paris will be named after the Armenian writer, publicist and translator of the beginning of the 20th century.


On the occasion of the International Women’s Rights Day, the Parisian alley was named after Zapel Yesayan (alleyway stretched from the central part of the Menillmontan Boulevard). During the past days this news was mixed with many other newsletters, particularly the President’s awards and medals on the International Women’s Day. I just wanted to write about what happened in Paris and publish one of the photos of the day, and then I got entangled in the news, followed the heated debates and already at midnight took Zapel Yesayan’s works published in 1959 and began to read again.


I thought, in some sense, that we can find answers here and move on to another scale, to get out of the quandary of “controversial” winners of our reality.


After reading some of the works, I had a strong wish (after each reading the same desire) to ask Yesayan some questions. I decided to comprehend what I had just mentioned last year and post as a part of the news (after the second reading I’ve perceived them as letter-confession).


So I will do like that.


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