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The municipality assures: There are no problems with entering the kindergarten

The registration of children in Yerevan kindergartens has not been interrupted, the registration process is continuous, and every parent who wants to register her child can do so starting with the child at the age of two. And the kindergartens that accept 2-year-old children will write their own, there is no problem. Anna Stepanyan, Head of the Department of Public Education of Yerevan Municipality told WomenNet, commenting on the main issue that was the subject of recent discussions, will Yerevan kindergartens no longer accept two-year children?


“I would like to especially note that two-year-olds are admitted to kindergartens that take the first group of younger children aged 2 to 3 years old. And the kindergartens that do not have the first group of young children will register the children at the age of three”, she explained.


“Those children who were born in 2016 or even in 2017 are already registered, their registrations are kept in the electronic system, the base and subsequent admission will continue on their basis. And those parents who will apply, their children will also be registered, there is no problem of fear”.


Asked whether all the communities have sufficient number of kindergartens, which have a junior group, the head of the department assured that everything is done to ensure that no child is left out of the pre-school system. According to her, in all communities the first kindergarten is functioning, which means that it will also be possible to include the children of that age into a kindergarten.


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